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Marketing & Business Development Joint Luncheon (*by registration only*)

December 13, 2017, 11:30am–1:00pm

Presented by Kat Kocurek, Nicola Fleming, Christopher Perrino, & Chris Walker

Creating Synergy: How Marketing & BD Work Together to Drive Growth

Marketing and business development often operate as silos rather in unison on growth efforts. That’s a big mistake. Those firms that have successfully created synergy between the functions are seeing more success. It requires that the two teams work together on initiatives in order to produce greater results. Marketers and business development executives will come together in this session to hear from three of their peers who will share how they work with their counterparts, the roles each team member assumes and the results achieved. These mini-presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion to further delve into ways to create synergy. Come geared with your own questions as we learn to work better together.