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AAM/BD Luncheons (*By registration only*)

January 18, 2017, 11:30am–1:00pm

Limited to 50 registrants each. Open only to those members of the Marketing and BD communities.

AAM Marketing Luncheon

Problem Solving Best Practices Roundtable

Presented by Gary Kravitz

It’s great to discuss issues you face, but wouldn’t it be better if you can get help solving problems. In this best practices roundtable, we’ll work together to identify possible ways to solve three pressing issues experienced marketers face today: rapidly changing budgets that can no longer be set a year in advance, marketing’s role in identifying and providing soft skills training and mitigating risk in times of crises.

AAM Business Development Luncheon

Business Development Executive Panel

Presented by Jason Jobgen, Nikki Burgeson, Dave Sullivan, & Eric Gregg

Get ready to hear what three top CPA sales professionals have to say about what it takes to win and beat the competition in today’s environment. This session is made up of a combination of prepared questions as well as those posed by attendees. The BDE panelists will be from different-sized firms and bring different perspectives to help CPAs and other BDE’s gain insights and new ideas on how to compete successfully. Hear what’s new and trending in the day-to-day responsibilities of BDEs; challenges experienced and how to overcome them; advice for people who manage BDEs and real-life success stories.