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Concurrent Session I

December 14, 2017, 1:45pm–3:00pm

Talent Track

The Mindset Changes to Becoming a Destination Employer

The key to retention, attraction and ultimately winning the war for the best talent is to build a culture that will make you a Destination Employer. When your culture is on track, talent will be pulled to you like a magnet. In this session we will: - Learn best practices from the top firms in the profession - Provide a checklist of what you should be doing now. - Identify your challenges, and specific steps to change your culture

Technology & Innovation Track

The Business Transformation Playbook

Presented by Dustin Hostetler, & Jim Boomer

This session will focus on how firms can transform from compliance to advisory services including the technology platform for transactional, compliance and advisory services. Learn about the required mindsets, skillsets and toolsets.

Growth Track

Acquirers' Side Perspectives on M&A

Presented by Allan Koltin, David Stende, Jeffrey Weiner, & Richard Kopelman

Are you looking to expand your firm's geographic reach? Maybe you'd like more market visibility. Perhaps you've been considering a merger or acquisition. But, how do you identify a good candidate? What attributes define a good match? How do you ensure a successful integration? What other variables are there to consider? This session features firm leaders that have been active in the area of CPA firm mergers and acquisitions. Sharing with you their insight into the complex process of merging or acquiring, our panelists represent firms of different sizes, geographies and service areas. Join them as they share the pitfalls they've encountered, the trials they've overcome and the successes they've celebrated.

Executive Level Marketing Track

Mapping Out Your Client Experience/Journey

In this session, we'll discuss the following questions: How do you begin to map this journey out? What are important steps of the process? How does marketing work with the rest of the firm on this, get buy-in while selling marketing’s involvement, and hold others accountable for what falls on their shoulders? What foundational elements are needed in a firm to make this successful? How do multiple offices impact this? How do you implement a process? What does ROI look like?

Business Development Track