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Concurrent Session II

January 19, 2017, 3:15pm–4:30pm

M&A Track

Upstream Mergers' Perspectives on M&A

Presented by Allan Koltin, Ken Kirkland, & Larry Taylor

This session will feature leaders of CPA firms who have merged “upstream” in the recent past. Their comments will range from decisions made initially to merge upstream to how they went about deciding on the proper accounting firm to merge with. Lastly, it will also include a look back perspective from each of the panelists identifying anything they might have done differently along the way, as well as a brief discussion on how the integration process has gone for their firm. Panelists TBA.

HR Track

The Future of HR is Now: Bridging Employee Engagement, Learning & Development, Succession

Presented by Tracy White

Are most of your new hires right out of college? Does your L&D program lack the elements to support the achievement of your employees? Is your average partner over the age of 50? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, this session is for you. Come and learn about: · Creating retirement readiness for partners who have spent their life devoted to the practice. Creating a path for the want- to- be partners. We will discuss ideas and methods to bridge the path to post-career of the retiring partner and setting the new partner up for success. · Tools to create a Learning & Development program that will support the strategic goals and contribute to the firm’s effectiveness. While tying L&D to talent management, individual employee development and overall firm growth. · Exploring how one firm was able to link the gap to create an environment of employment that offers opportunity, growth and meaningful benefits to its employees.

Performance Enhancement

Using Lean Six Sigma to Transform Performance

Presented by Dustin Hostetler, & Cody Page

Leading CPA firms know that maintaining the status quo means falling behind. In this session participants will learn how the powerful Lean Six Sigma concepts are propelling firms to achieve: - Greater gains in efficiency and effectiveness - Freed up time to play "above the line" at a higher level of value for clients - Better leveraging of resources and growth opportunities The session will be both interactive and case-study oriented.

Advisory Services Track

Growing into an International Firm: Slow Boat to China or Fast Jet Around the World?

Presented by Gale Crosley

This thought provoking session will inspire the audience to up their international game - from networking at their association and hanging out their shingle, to owning countries/industries in the international market. This presentation will shed light on cornerstone international growth principles for success.

Technology Track

Advisory Services: The Technology Required

Presented by Marc Staut

The platform and technology ecosystem required in the advisory services game is significantly different than the firm's technology designed for tax and audit. Learn about the key technology components and how firms are improving their workflow, scheduling, reporting, project management and cash flow by using cloud based applications.

AAM Executive Level Marketing Track

From Prospecting to On Boarding: How Marketing Adds Value to the M&A Process

Presented by Pam Metzger

The fast and furious activity of accounting industry M&A continues to be a hot topic for firms of all sizes. It is a complex undertaking and one in which marketing professionals can add a great deal of value. Today’s seasoned marketers are not only involved in the back-end of brand integration, but they are part of the strategic discussion and planning on the front end. After all, strategic growth (vs organic growth) is most definitely a part of a firm’s overall growth objective. This session will look at the many roles that marketers play from helping to identify ideal merger candidates and playing a part in merger presentations, to assisting in due diligence and formulating a comprehensive communications plan throughout the process. We will also discuss the integration and timing details involved with the merging of cultures, staff, systems, and the newly expanded brand initiatives. Last but not least, we will also touch on the importance of re-visiting a merger one year after the fact and making sure to incorporate best practices as your firm continues to grow and evolve.

AAM Business Development Track

Get Social to Sell More: Using LinkedIn to Improve Sales Performance

Presented by Anna Bayne Hopkins

If you’re not using social media to build and nurture your pipeline, you are falling behind your competition. Join our Relationship Manager from LinkedIn who will share tips on how to maximize your brand, better service your clients at scale, uncover new business opportunities, accelerate sales cycles and secure meetings outside of your network leveraging Linkedin Sales Navigator. This session will give you a fresh start for building your sales methodology in 2017.