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Concurrent Session II

December 14, 2017, 3:15pm–4:30pm

Talent Track

Learning and Training Trends for the New World of Consulting

Presented by Tom Hood

The latest research from the Business Learning Institute shows the hard trends of technology, demographics and regulations are transforming the CPA Profession and some say we won't recognize most firms in five years. What skills will be needed in this age of artificial intelligence and big data? What about the skills need to be proactive, anticipatory, trusted advisors? This session will cover the latest trends in learning and training and how the best firms are making this a competitive advantage. - Understand the latest trends in learning and development and best practices. - Learn the top eight competencies required in the age of artificial intelligence and big data. - Develop an action plan to apply these leading strategies to elevate your firm's learning and development.

Technology & Innovation Track

Your Firm's Course: Intentional Design - Tips & Tricks.

Presented by Gary Shamis

As CPAs, we’re well equipped to understand the financial aspects of our practices. But our firms can’t be managed well through numbers alone. The numbers on the balance sheet are a function of the environment shaped by its leaders. Everything from the way you manage your time to the way you interact with your competitors can affect your organization from the top down. Join Gary Shamis as he shares practical techniques you can use every day to design your firm, not simply manage it as problems arise.

Growth Track

Upstream Mergers' Perspectives on M&A

Presented by Allan Koltin, Kathie Gottlieb, Linda Saddlemire, & Mike Poirier

This session will feature leaders of CPA firms who have merged “upstream” in the recent past. Their comments will range from decisions made initially to merge upstream to how they went about deciding on the proper accounting firm to merge with. Lastly, it will also include a look back perspective from each of the panelists identifying anything they might have done differently along the way, as well as a brief discussion on how the integration process has gone for their firm.

Executive Level Marketing Track

Marketing Data: From Invisible to Invaluable

Presented by Heath Alloway, & Jeremy Clopton

Your organization generates impressive amounts of data every day, and most of it remains hidden. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If handled right, your data can reveal important facts, trends and patterns that can provide invaluable insights into your firm, marketing and practice management efforts. Your data’s trying to tell you something. Let’s find out what. Attendees to this session will learn that: · “Big Data” isn’t just a buzz word. Learn how to use data to help enhance marketing strategies, develop competitive advantages and open up new revenue opportunities. · The struggle is real. Learn more about data integrity, the challenges surrounding big data and practical ideas on addressing current and future data. · This information is for the real world. Hear about case studies related to marketing and practice management. · Technology is your friend. We’ll share ideas on potential technologies and how you can use them to leverage your data. · It’s sink or swim. Walk away with next steps on how to create growth opportunities and firm efficiencies with your hidden data.

Business Development Track

Building a Formal Business Development Training Program in Your Firm

Presented by Brad Self

Today’s accountant has to be more than a number cruncher, especially when a large part of advancement is related to escalated efforts in business development. There are many professional skills that need to be nurtured and developed in order to succeed and build a practice in public accounting starting with solid relationship building. With social media, alumni groups, integrated recruiting efforts, ancillary service/cross selling opportunities and niche specialization all very relevant, where do you start? By incorporating business development into the staff training plan at all levels, the skill set becomes comfortable and develops at a natural pace. Make sure the requirement to develop business is not a huge hurdle to overcome or a surprise requirement at review time. Join this session to learn how to build a business development training program that is sustainable and will engage your employees.