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Concurrent Session II

January 25, 2019, 8:00am–9:15am

Talent Track

How to Drive a Consultative Mindset Using Behavioral Economics

Presented by Jordan Birnbaum

With new technologies like AI and robotics changing core accounting services, so too is the demand for different types of accounting talent and skills. There is a critical need to drive a culture that focuses on developing technology and soft skills, as well as driving retention and engagement that can help accountants adapt. In this session, you will learn how to leverage behavioral economics to drive behavior change within your firm, and how you can use this approach to strengthen your role as strategic advisor to your clients. We will focus on: · What is Behavioral Economics? · How these theories can be applied and what it’s done for others · How you can use Behavioral Economics and Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychology to drive a broader consulting mindset within your firm’s employees

Technology Track

Leveraging Technology to Engage Talent (The New Army - mindsets, skills, technology & strategy)

Presented by Sandra Wiley

Growth/Mergers & Acquisitions Track

Upstream Mergers' Perspectives on M&A

Presented by Allan Koltin, Graham Smith, Ken Miles, & Wesley Middleton

This session will feature leaders of CPA firms who have merged “upstream” in the recent past. Their comments will range from decisions made initially to merge upstream to how they went about deciding on the proper accounting firm to merge with. Lastly, it will also include a look back perspective from each of the panelists identifying anything they might have done differently along the way, as well as a brief discussion on how the integration process has gone for their firm.

Executive Level Marketing Track

The Strategy of Technology-centered Growth

Presented by Gale Crosley

Everyone’s gotten the memo that technology is rocking our world. The question is what to do about it. Join Gale for a spirited exploration of what your role should be to guide your firm leaders down the best paths, from them having no thoughts to commercialization of new services. You’ll get an inside look at firms successfully building a technology-centric growth model. We’ll explore the trends and discuss the waystations which will lead to the best strategies and programs to embrace this brave new world!

Business Development Track

Centers of Influence: The X Factor in Business Development

Presented by Amy Franko

In today’s world, we’re hyper-connected, just one or two clicks away from virtually any decision maker or center of influence. But what determines our business development success isn’t the quantity of those connections. It’s the quality of the relationships we create. In professional services, relationships with key centers of influence can accelerate your results and help you earn more high-value clients. The core messages of this program include: • The key elements of high-value relationships. • The centers of influence you need to build to accelerate your BD opportunities. • Gaining access to those centers of influence, knowing what value to provide, and earning more traction with them. • Specific online and offline strategies that will grow your strategic relationships and influence.