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Concurrent Session II

December 14, 2017, 3:15pm–4:30pm

Talent Track

Learning and Training Trends for the New World of Consulting

This session will focus on nano learning, video, and the changes that are coming.

Technology & Innovation Track


Growth Track

Upstream Mergers' Perspectives on M&A

Presented by Allan Koltin, Kathie Gottlieb, Linda Saddlemire, & Mike Poirier

This session will feature leaders of CPA firms who have merged “upstream” in the recent past. Their comments will range from decisions made initially to merge upstream to how they went about deciding on the proper accounting firm to merge with. Lastly, it will also include a look back perspective from each of the panelists identifying anything they might have done differently along the way, as well as a brief discussion on how the integration process has gone for their firm.

Executive Level Marketing Track

Maximize Your Firm at the Service Level

What firm doesn’t want to maximize business value? Successful companies do this at a product (or service) level. A product management strategy is like a strategic plan for each service you sell focusing on optimizing its market position and financial return across its entire lifecycle. From researching market needs to market identification to marketing strategies and tactics to reach buyers, your strategy should include both new product introduction as well as management of all services as long as they remain in existence. Questions addressed in this session will include: What is product management and how will a strategy help a CPA firm? How do you identify potential solutions (e.g., research)? How does a solid market-driven solution move from identification to eventual sale? What should you be considering with older, more mature service offerings? What is the role of a product manager? How does product management work with marketing? Sales? Firm leadership?

Business Development Track