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Concurrent Session III

December 14, 2017, 5:00pm–6:15pm

Talent Track

Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Presented by Seth McDaniel

The underlying premise of a “DDO” is that everyone has the capacity to grow and everyone is intentional about development every day. In this session, Seth McDaniel will talk about how the everyday culture serves as a catalyst for people’s development. He will address how Frazier & Deeter uses this paradigm shift and will talk about The Why, The Impact, and The Response.

Technology & Innovation Track

Zen and the Art of Consulting

Presented by Ed Kless

This session is dedicated to the possibility that an accounting professional can increase their effectiveness in working with their customers (NOTE: not clients) if they adopt some concepts of consulting theory. Adopting these behaviors is not easy as it requires professionals to think differently than they have in the past. If you think you can think a bit differently about your professional relationships, you are invited to attend this conversational session by Ed Kless, Sage’s senior director of partner development and strategy.

Growth Track

Lateral Talent: Key Considerations

Presented by Allan Koltin, Randy Myeroff, Rick Davis, & Tom Barry

Whether it be finding a rainmaker, a service line and/or industry leader, or just a great client service or technical partner, free agency (recruitment of experienced lateral talent) is quickly becoming one of the profession’s top strategies for successful growth. In this session, CEO’s from some of the country’s most successful firms will share their first hand experiences in how they have successfully recruited lateral talent into their firm.

Executive Level Marketing Track

Leveraging Marketing Technology to Deliver on Brand Experience

Presented by Margaret Wise

How can your firm leverage the growing trend of CMTOs and integrating technology into delivering on your brand promise? Marketing technologies are influencing all customer experiences, including business-to-business interactions. To remain competitive against rising client expectations, your firm must be focused on understanding the full client experience from awareness to advocacy. This session will explore the levels of marketing technology maturity and how to create a framework for your customer journey. Since the answer isn’t always new technology, we’ll discuss how you want to think about better integrating the technology you do have. We’ll review the marketing evolution of a leading professional services company and how they are leveraging marketing technology to create more personalized client experiences. Plus, you’ll hear about some new technologies that you should have on your radar.

Business Development Track

Partners as Sales Enablers

Presented by Dennis MacGillivray, Mark Cissell, Steven Maltzman, & Allan Tetley

The success of a business development executive (BDE) is dependent on the support received from the managing partner and the partners he or she works with. In this session, Dennis MacGillivray will moderate a discussion with two partners who truly work to enable sales in their respective firms. They will sit down together and talk about what they look for in a business developer, how they each work with their firm’s business development executives and how they get other practitioners in the firm to not only work with the BDE, but also drive sales leads of their own. You’ll learn firsthand what a successful BDE/partner relationships looks like and receive great tips to improve your own sales effectiveness in your firm.