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Concurrent Session III

December 14, 2017, 5:00pm–6:15pm

Talent Track

Winner's Circle Award Winners: Millennials, Women in Leadership, & Talent

Presented by Gary Shamis

Technology & Innovation Track

Winner's Circle Award Winners: Technology & Innovation

Presented by L. Gary Boomer

Growth Track

Lateral Talent: Key Considerations

Presented by Allan Koltin, Randy Myeroff, Rick Davis, & Tom Barry

Whether it be finding a rainmaker, a service line and/or industry leader, or just a great client service or technical partner, free agency (recruitment of experienced lateral talent) is quickly becoming one of the profession’s top strategies for successful growth. In this session, CEO’s from some of the country’s most successful firms will share their first hand experiences in how they have successfully recruited lateral talent into their firm.

Executive Level Marketing Track

What's Next in Data Analytics

Take a look under the hood at what it means and how we use it. In the world of “Big Data,” what does this look like from a marketing perspective? Questions addressed in this session will include: How do you leverage your own data? What data do we have today? What data should we strive to get? What data do we really need? How do we filter all the data into what’s most important? What tech solutions should we be looking at? How do you make data actionable? Assuming we all use descriptive analytics, we'll explore the future of data like predictive/prescriptive data. What will be the impact of AI on marketing?

Business Development Track