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Concurrent Session III

January 19, 2017, 5:00pm–6:15pm

Winner's Circle Awards

Inclusion & Diversity

Presented by Allan Koltin, Kevin Besikof, & Lee Ann Collins

Winner's Circle Awards

Women in Leadership

Presented by Sandra Wiley, Risa Lavine, Beth Leonard, & Rick Mills

Winner's Circle Awards


Presented by L. Gary Boomer, Jim Bourke, & Cody Page

Winner's Circle Awards

Best Places for Millennials to Work

Presented by Gary Shamis, Don Murphy, Andy Armanino, & Jeff Drummonds


Building Culture, Uniting Teams and Improving Engagement

Presented by Aldor Delp, & Heather Sperduto

Effectively telling your story is an important part of strengthening culture and bringing meaning to your brand with your employees and your clients. In this session, we’ll look at ways to improve employee engagement and productivity that results in stronger client engagement and results.

AAM Executive Level Marketing Track

Looking Forward: Digital Trends + Emerging Media Opportunities

Presented by Ryan Manchee

Why are we challenged by emerging trends in digital advertising? As consumers adopt and adapt to new technologies, we continue to be steps behind our desired audience in the rapidly changing media landscape. This session will show you how to unlock your fear of emerging trends in digital advertising and what steps can be taken to eliminate (and embrace) the new opportunities in the increasingly data-driven world of digital media. This session will cover: • How rethinking advertising silos will have you eliminating the word digital from your vocabulary • How businesses have embraced performance based media to generate new leads and increase ROI • Where your owned media and custom content can be used to drive awareness and differentiate your firm • What can be learned from the overhyped technology solutions of the past and what trends need to be prioritized for 2017 and beyond • Where an understanding of Millennials and Gen-Z can lead to better advertising across generations and future audiences

AAM Business Development Track

Personality Sells: Understanding Yourself & Others to Increase Sales and Profitability

Presented by Danielle Eisenach

Effective communication is the foundation of sales success. This session helps you better understand your own communication style, the preferred style of those whom you work with and those whom you want to sell to. Understanding how personality types impact communication and relationship building will make it easier to gain trust, close deals and generate referrals. The session will use a basic DISC survey and attendees will identify their own communication style and will learn how to identify the styles of those around them with the goal of clearer communication. Session attendees will apply active listening techniques and learn to ask the best questions. The presented techniques will help attendees use these skills to manage perception & expectations throughout the sales and service cycle.