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Pre-Conference Concurrent Session I

January 18, 2017, 1:15pm–2:15pm

WiE Winter League Track Hosted by Winding River Consulting

Hot Topics for the Cutting Edge Firm

Presented by Gary Shamis

Firms that continue to grow and prosper, World Series-worthy firms, firms on the cutting edge - are those that adapt themselves to current climate pressures. They size up external influences and competitors and craft a game plan that makes the most of their greatest assets. But they also practice fundamentals. Over and over, the basics of the game are practiced until they become second nature. Running a great practice is no different. There are key components – fundamentals, without which a firm cannot thrive, and there is talent – your competitive advantage. In this session, Gary Shamis will define those elements fundamental to a firm’s success. As well, he’ll guide you as you learn how to identify and hone your own unique competitive advantage and leverage your talent to create a World Series-worthy firm.

AAM Marketing Track

The Marketing Team of the Future

Presented by Sean Smith

As your team expands, what type of person should you consider adding? A regional marketing coordinator? A marketing technologist? A CRM administrator? Do you outsource? If so, what? The options are endless. Don’t you want to know what your peers are doing? This session will help you learn from one another. By sharing organizational charts, position titles and roles and responsibilities, you can see what resources a firm is adding to its ranks. Getting the right people with the right skills is part of the equation. The other part is creating career paths for all these roles to keep them engaged and happy. You’ll learn how other firms are working to retain top marketing talent.

AAM Business Development Track

Taking Referral Relationships to the Next Level

Presented by Fred Kaplan

When a business owner seeks a new accountant, she’ll often look to friends and business colleagues for referrals to a new CPA. Building a pipeline of such referral sources is an important pathway to obtaining new business. Learn a new, practical 12-step methodology to create and manage a group of close contacts to provide a continuous stream of new business referrals. Participants will learn an advanced methodology for filtering acquaintances and new connections, identifying potentially high-value referral partners, building the relationship from (1) knowing each other, to (2) liking each other, to (3) trusting each other, and managing those relationships for continuing mutual value. Role play activity and 12-step method will provide solid take-aways.