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Pre-Conference Session I

December 13, 2017, 1:15pm–2:15pm

Firm of the Future

The Continuum of Value

Presented by Heather Robinson, & Arianna Campbell

The value proposition changes as firms move up the continuum of value. Learn how to communicate the value and keep processes crisp in order to package, price and sell traditional and advisory services.

Executive Level Marketing Track

Innovation Workshop Part I: Leading in a Time of Rapid Change

The accounting profession is quickly evolving and will look very different in the near futureā€¦ it will be unrecognizable from what it is today. Firms are bringing in more non-commodity services that are changing marketing as we know it requiring new approaches. How should marketers take a lead in this evolution? Is the job shaped for us or are we empowered to shape it? What should a modern marketer be doing today? In this workshop, we'll address the rise of the Chief Growth Officer, what the role of the marketer will look like in the future, what the important roles (formal or otherwise) needed in a firm to help navigate this change are, and how we overcome the challenge of assuming this role (e.g. how do we get out from under the day-to-day).

Business Development Track