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Pre-Conference Session II

December 13, 2017, 2:30pm–3:30pm

Firm of the Future

Technology's Impact on Audit - Strategic Crossroads

Presented by Gale Crosley, & Alan Anderson

The word is out. Technology is anticipated to change our audit practices in dramatic ways – from revenue and margin impact, through technologies, services, competencies, pricing models and more. But how, and how quickly is still up for debate. In this informative session, Alan Anderson and Gale Crosley explore the potential changes and impacts on the profession. This strategic-level conversation includes the latest information and insights. Be prepared to leave with ideas about guiding your leaders through these significant changes and sustaining a bright future for your firm.

Executive Level Marketing Track

Innovation Workshop Part II: Building an Evolving Marketing Team

Presented by Katie Tolin

In this state of constant change, you have to build a marketing team and/or resources that will change with you. What does that look like? What do you do in-house and what do you outsource? How do you manage specialized staff when you don’t understand completely how they do what they do? How do you manage constant change amongst staff and keep them motivated?

Business Development Track

Developing Your Next Gen Growth Leaders (Part II)

Presented by Dennis MacGillivray

Hundreds of partners, senior managers and managers have contributed to Accountable Growth™ Top 8 Growth Mindsets that provide a shortcut to growth in professional service firms. In this interactive session you will: - Learn about the Growth Mindsets and start identifying people in your own firm who fall into predictable categories - Figure out who to invest in (in terms of growth leadership) - and who to leave alone - Create a practical gameplan to activate leadership development for a select group of Next Gen Growth Leaders, test it amongst peers, then take back for a substantive discussion with your firm’s leadership team