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Pre-Conference Concurrent Session III

January 18, 2017, 3:25pm–4:25pm

WiE Winter League Track Hosted by Winding River Consulting

Why Presentations Stink and What You Can Do About Yours & People Will Talk. What Will They Say About You?

Presented by Ilana Katz

This session will cover two topics: You already know about posture and inflection and reading your slides. But what’s really going on behind those glassy eyes when you’re giving your state-of-the firm? Is that client taking notes or checking email? When used appropriately, presentations are a powerful business and communication tool. When delivered poorly, they can be taxing on your reputation. We will go beyond the “how to” and into the "why you should" to help you understand what your audience needs out of your content and delivery. You will learn how to engage your audience, get your point across, and deliver effective presentations every time. While this presentation will provide a jumping off point for our more in-depth sessions at Managing Partner Bootcamp, it will provide you with tips you can — and should — implement immediately. Loyalty is cheaper than acquisition but harder to get. Firms work hard at acquiring new clients, but often the attrition of existing clients is more costly. This overview of service will give you a different perspective on client engagement and challenge your current service philosophies. Are you doing what you can to keep your clients? Are you using them to help grow your firm? Is service a differentiator at your firm? Are your employees raving about their jobs? If word of mouth is the number one influencer in decision making, what is being said about you?

AAM Marketing Track

Leveraging Your International Network

Presented by Jamie Thomas

Most firms wish they could get more from their international networks. The good news, if you probably can. The key is understanding what may even be possible. Perhaps it’s an exchange program in another country or a visit to member firms in a set country or a referral relationship with fellow U.S. firms. In this facilitated discussion, we’ll explore what firms are doing that works and how they are using resources available to them to build an international practice.

AAM Business Development Track

Objections? What Objections? The Art and Science of Overcoming Them

Presented by Ulrike (Rike) Harrison

Winning is Everything! And, effectively and charismatically overcoming objections requires science and art to win more often. This interactive session reviews the process from a buyer’s prospective aiming to understand the when and why of objections, and how that knowledge will assist in preparing for sales meetings. Once we have established the why, when and how, we will run through a number of role plays to truly experience the process. Get prepared to close the next key opportunity in your pipeline.