History of Winning is Everything

In 2001, several consultants to the CPA profession gathered to share information, ideas, and insight. The “Advisory Board,” as they called themselves, felt strongly that by collaborating and exchanging observations about the profession they could each enhance their own knowledge and the value that they provide to their clients. They were right.

Since that first Winning is Everything conference in 2002, the “Winning” experience has continued to evolve and change to meets the needs of the leadership teams of the top accounting firms. As in years past, we've made every effort to address the issues and challenges you've said are important to you. We’ve expanded our content yet again. In addition, we’ve opened the invitations to include all firm leaders. So whether you’re in charge of marketing, business development, HR, a niche area or the managing partner, we want to network and learn with you. Bring your entire leadership team and join us as we craft a Winning Game Plan!

Prior Keynote Speakers

2017: Mark Shapiro & Bruce Tulgan  

2016: Barry Alvarez, Paul Saginaw

  2015: Bruce Tulgan, Capt. Denny Flanagan

  2014: Deborah DeHass, Pat Williams

  2013: Jim Turley, Sir Ken Robinson

  2012: Tom Flick, Mark King

  2011: Lou Holtz, Chris Gardner

  2010: Joe Theismann, Hal Becker

  2009: Pat Williams, Morrie Shechtman, Dan Sullivan

  2008: Billy Beane, David Maister, Morrie Shechtman

  2007: Stephen Lundin, David Maister

  2006: Rebecca Ryan, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger

  2005: Howard Putnam, Edie Weiner, Bob Bunting

  2004: Michael Gerber, Art Bowman, Blaine Lee

  2003: Hyler Bracey, Gen. Walt Boomer, Barry Melancon

  2002: Hal Becker, Nancy Austin, Morrie Shechtman