Picture of Carl George

Carl George has been in the profession since 1971. In fact, he spent his entire career with one public accounting firm – Clifton Gunderson. He started in an office with a volume of $200,000. In 3 years, he was put in charge of the office and was determined to grow the office, both internally and through mergers and acquisitions. Within 6 years, his office grew to $4 million, after acquiring the 3 largest firms in the local market.

Carl was admitted as a partner in 1976, just 6 years out of college. In 1980, the Clifton Gunderson board asked Carl to leave client practice and become the COO of the firm. His responsibilities included practice management, budgeting, office and firm operations, and mergers/acquisitions. Carl spent 13 years in the role of COO. In 1993, he was selected as his firm’s CEO, a position he held until 2009. The company’s volume was $50 million in 1993, and when he stepped down in a planned CEO succession transition in 2009, volume had increased to $250 million.

As senior executive partner from 2009-2012, Carl’s primary focuses were in mentoring the current management team and assisting them with mergers and acquisitions. In fact, Carl was on the task force that put together the largest non-Big 4 merger with Larson Allen, to form CliftonLarsonAllen. Throughout his career, he has always enjoyed assisting other firms by facilitating retreats for strategic planning, succession planning, or assisting them with their merger/acquisition process.

It is no surprise that Carl wants to continue advising firms after retiring from CliftonLarsonAllen, as he has over 42 years of practice management and M&A experiences to offer. So, Carl formed Carl George Advisory in 2013, with a primary focus of doing just that – advising CPA and law firms in those practice management areas he knows best.