Picture of Cody Page

Cody Page is the Chief Operating Officer at Peterson Sullivan and is passionate about solving complex business problems. Cody is responsible for overseeing the business operations of the firm across all departments and practice areas. He works closely with the administrative directors and managers responsible for the areas of human resources, IT, resource management, accounting, facilities, and office services. Throughout his career and currently, his focus areas include:

  • Multi-discipline team leadership — Oversight of firm administration staff, team leads, consultants/contractors, outsourced service providers
  • High level business vendor relationship — Point person for all legal, real estate, compliance, and insurance related activities
  • Technology — Development and execution of a comprehensive technology team, plan, budget, and roadmap
  • CEO/Managing Partner leverage — Delegate of high level activities for running the business
  • Accountability for firm strategic objectives — Driver of business initiatives focused on profitability, productivity, and accountability
  • Compliance management — Administrative oversight to ensure the firm’s compliance with all required regulatory authorities
  • Outsourcing — Planning, execution, and management of outsourced business units and systems with third-party service providers
  • Lean/Six Sigma process delivery — Focus on re-writing business rules to minimize process waste and have the right work done at the right level


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Western Washington University