Picture of Dean Quiambao

Dean Quiambao is a business development partner with Armanino. After spending 12 years as an auditor, he transitioned to “Chief Relationship Builder” for the firm. Today, he leads a team of three business developers that produces more than $6M annually. Additionally, he oversees the Audit and Outsourced Accounted pipelines which total more than $20M in sales annually. He has won clients ranging from the small nonprofit with the $15K compliance fee to the large publicly traded company with the audit fees of $1.3M. He has seen and heard it all and will share the insights he’s gleaned over his time in the industry along with how he has overcome sales obstacles in his firm.

He helps numerous public and private companies, as well as private schools and social service, performing/fine arts and faith-based organizations, address their tax, audit and outsourced accounting needs. Boards and finance and audit committees appreciate his laser focus on bringing to life the audit items that matter most, including his proven method of benchmarking data and key financial operating ratios.