Picture of Irwin Steinberg

Irwin has more than 35 years of experience in providing strategic planning, succession planning, and merger and acquisition services that help business owners increase their success. Before founding Steinberg Advisors in 1999, Irwin was the managing partner of a Top-20 accounting firm in Chicago. An entrepreneur by nature, Irwin has helped two accounting firms and many business clients achieve outstanding growth. He has served on numerous business advisory boards and speaks and writes extensively to business and professional groups on growth and business management subjects.

In addition to an entrepreneurial mindset, Irwin brings to clients a detailed knowledge of business operations and a big-picture understanding of industry and economic trends. As a result, he is adept at generating success-building ideas at both micro and macro levels. Irwin’s ability to think both strategically and tactically makes him highly effective at advising business owners about ways to realize top and bottom-line growth, as well as at developing proactive solutions that help achieve their objectives.

To identify how clients can maximize their success, Irwin first asks as many big-picture questions as he can about their business and individual goals. The answers give him insight into the client’s needs, objectives and thought process. He then draws on his work with many types of businesses and his broad industry knowledge to develop fresh ideas for ways to become more profitable and provide for future growth and success.