Picture of Kimberly Roberts

Kimberley Roberts is a Sr. Marketing Technologist and leads the Demand Center Practice at Crimson Marketing. Kimberley’s focus is on driving growth and profits for clients via Demand Generation and Marketing Technology. She has developed and managed a variety of demand centers through the creation of marketing strategy, technology implementations and solidifying best-in-class practices. Her experience includes the implementation and optimization of marketing technology, developing partnerships with sales and IT, creating and managing demand generation campaigns, and marketing operations. She gained her experience with B2B enterprise-level companies such as Juniper Networks and Seagate Technology, as well as at several start-ups.

Representative Experience

- As Marketing Technologist at Juniper Networks, Kimberley led the implementation of marketing technology (MarTech). She developed the vision and strategy for marketing technology through an ecosystem map, then created a technology roadmap based on capability gap analysis, and led a multi-functional “Tools and Technology” team to advocate within the global marketing organization. As part of her technology advocacy, she advised and trained business users, agencies and developers on the proper usage and benefits of MarTech.

- Kimberley has worked with several companies in the implementation and optimization of marketing automation systems as a consultant and employee. Her deep expertise in marketing automation spans administrative and program optimization. She has leveraged marketing automation to create holistic views of target customers through path-to-purchase analysis, developed segmentation strategies based on behavior, created nurturing strategies and developed unique program structures to meet business needs. In addition, she has administrative experience in managing marketing automation instances, has managed data quality, segmentation, reporting, lead processing, and custom integrations.

- As a Demand Generation marketing expert, Kimberley was responsible for creating new Demand Generation practices at a number of start-ups. She created and managed digital, content and event marketing programs in addition to the budget, resources, and marketing operations practices to support those programs. In one such company, where she created a demand generation program from scratch, she exceeded her annual pipeline quota within the first three fiscal quarters. Campaign tactics have included search engine marketing, digital advertising, email, direct mail, content mapping and creation, virtual and in-person events, content syndication, and telesales call blitzes.

- As a sales partner, Kimberley has collaborated with numerous sales organizations (field and inside sales). Taking a consultative approach, she has developed long term relationships with sales and sales operations to ensure mutual alignment and support. She has managed call blitz campaigns, developed incentive programs, created call scripts, and trained users on sales automation and enablement tools.

- As part of the Global Web Operations team at Juniper Networks, Kimberley focused on optimizing for demand generation. She was part of the responsive website redesign team, developed new landing page templates, developed standardization for global forms including progressive profiling, and co-led the personalization strategy. She is trained on a number of website tools and has led developer project teams.


Kimberley Roberts holds a BA in Communications with a minor in Psychology from Stanford University. She is a certified Eloqua Product Master and has completed coursework on Project Management at Stanford Continuing Studies.