Winning is Everything is a unique event in that it is designed for the Managing Partners, CEOs, COOs and all senior leaders within public accounting firms. We have a limited number of exhibit spaces available annually, and place these exhibits in the same room or in close proximity to breakfasts, lunches, breaks and receptions to give attendees appropriate time and access to visit participating vendors. We also provide prizes and contests to encourage the attendees to visit as many vendors as possible.

We do not differentiate between exhibitors and attendees, giving everyone an opportunity to participate sessions and meals and to learn from our speakers. In fact, exhibitors are encouraged to attend the program when not engaged at their exhibit area.

If you have any questions regarding the Winning is Everything sponsorship opportunities listed below, or would like to participate in our 2019 conference, complete and email the Sponsorship Application to If you have questions or need assistance please feel free to contact:

Joel Schwartz, Sponsor Liaison
(p) (516) 220-2342


Jeannette Schwartz, Executive Director
(p) (440) 723-3653

Download the Sponsorship Application

What’s New for 2019?

We are always trying to keep it fresh! In keeping with our conference theme Winning is Everything has evolved to meet the changing needs of our industry! This year we are bigger, better, and LONGER! Here are some of the highlights:

  • A completely redesigned agenda targeted to the the managing partner.
  • An additional day of content which means more time to connect with your business partners.
  • An additional break built into the agenda to facilitate more time dedicated to networking for your organization.
  • More rapid-fire learning sessions designed to attract more of the attendees our business partners want to connect with.

We are very serious about the value and benefits that we provide to our sponsors, and we continue to make adjustments and additions that will enhance your conference experience. As more information is available on our plans for 2019, we will post them on this site.

What Makes Winning is Everything Different?

  Winning is Everything truly is “The Practice Management Event of the Year” and provides clear advantages:

  • A strong history of top-notch hosts, speakers, attendees AND exhibitors, and a reputation to match.
  • Access to the true decision-makers that you want to meet (90% are managing partners, CEOs and COOs of a CPA firm).
  • Representation from the largest, most progressive firms in the industry (nearly 70% of the top 100 firms have attended Winning is Everything in the past 5 years).
  • A conference layout that is advantageous to exhibit traffic flow and sensitive to sponsor needs. (Attendees eat, drink and break in the same room as the sponsor exhibits).
  • Additional incentives and opportunities built into the conference that encourage attendees to interact with the sponsors.
  • Conference administration that works with each sponsor individually to provide the maximum benefit and return-on-investment.
  • Sponsor attendees have full access to all sessions, discussions, meals, etc.
  • Sponsoring organizations have the ability to select their own booth space on a first-come, first-served basis.

Conference Co-Sponsorship

Co-sponsorship will put your company on a promotional level equivalent to The Advisory Board. It is the highest and most effective sponsorship available. In order to maintain the value of the product, The Advisory Board maintains the right to limit the number of companies accepted as co-sponsors each year.

  Co-sponsors will receive:

  • Marquee recognition in all conference promotion including: Invitations, Advertising, Website, On-site Banners and E-mail Campaigns.
  • Conference Admission for 3 of your staff or guests.
  • A 10 x 20 Display Booth located in a high-traffic area.
  • Sponsorship of the program segment of your choice, including your logo associated with the segment both on the agenda and on screen.
  • Logo and company description featured on our website sponsor page, and in locations throughout the site.
  • Logo and company description featured in the attendee agenda booklet.
  • Sponsorship of a lunch table for attendee networking.
  • Links from our conference website to your website.
  • The opportunity to include your handouts in each attendee’s registration packet.
  • Complete list of all attendees after the event.

  Cost: $13,000

Conference Contributor

Winning is Everything is primarily a conference, not a trade show. This means that the number of exhibits is kept to a minimum, allowing for less clutter, less competition and more traffic. Our past Contributors have appreciated this event for the opportunity to network one-on-one with the key decision makers of targeted firms.

  Contributors will receive:

  • Recognition on Invitations and Website.
  • Conference Admission for 2 of your staff or guests.
  • A 10 x 10 Display Booth with a table and two chairs.
  • Sponsorship of a lunch table for attendee networking.
  • Links from our conference website to your website.
  • A complete list of all attendees after the event.

  Cost: $5,500

Additional Options

Cocktail Reception Sponsor 
$4,000 [stand-alone price] | $3,000 [Co-Sponsor or Contributor price]
Includes opportunity to welcome and introduce entertainment as well as recognition on all published agendas.

Break Sponsor
$2,500 [stand-alone price] | $1,500 [Co-Sponsor or Contributor price]
Includes signage on buffets and recognition on all published agendas.

Breakfast Sponsor
$2,500 [stand-alone price] | $1,500 [Co-Sponsor or Contributor price]
Includes signage, recognition on all published agendas and ability to distribute reading/promotional materials on all tables

Lanyard Sponsor  (SOLD OUT)
$2,500 [stand-alone price] | $1,500 [Co-Sponsor or Contributor price]
Includes name/logo on all attendee name badge lanyards.

Event App Sponsor 
$3,500 [stand-alone price] | $3,000 [Co-Sponsor or Contributor price]
Includes name/logo on all pages of our interactive conference application.

Grand Prize Sponsor
Includes branding and presentation rights to our grand prize drawing announced at the conclusion of the conference.

Other sponsorship options are available and can be customized to fit each sponsor's needs.

Download the Sponsorship Application

All completed application forms should be e-mailed to It is recommended that they be submitted prior to 10/01/18 in order to receive maximum promotional benefit.